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Run With Us

Girls' hearts and minds need adventure, and we see each minute as a chance to fill up on it.

We challenge ourselves daily. We break a sweat. We practice, we persist. Athlete or rider, we say yes to a fast-beating heart, a competition, an FXC chant — our success depends on it. And with a campus and daily schedule that intentionally provide plenty of space to reenergize, there are lots of adventures to be had.



mens sana
in corpore sano


A healthy mind
in a healthy body

Our 团队

the tennis team raises their hands in a team cheer

Explore our athletic offerings across the fall, 冬天, and spring seasons as well as year-round options.

Athletic Facilities

student climbing on the indoor climbing wall

Learn more about the state-of-the-art athletic facilities on Foxcroft's campus.

Trophy Case

three lacrosse players hold a plaque that says G-P-A-C Champions

Take a look at Foxcroft's team championships and collegiate athletes over the years.


Meet the Team

Michelle Woodruff

Michelle Woodruff

Job Title: Athletic Director, Auxiliary Programs
度: B.A., The College of William & 玛丽
Phone Numbers:
工作: 540.687.4553
Mairin Wood

Mairin Wood

Job Title: Assistant Athletic Director/Head Athletic Trainer
度: B.S., Longwood University
Phone Numbers:
工作: 540.687.4552