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Performing Arts

Share Your Voice with the World

The performing arts at Foxcroft allows girls to take the spotlight whether as a soloist or with a full cast alongside you. 

With two major theatrical productions each year, musical performances throughout the year, and a tradition that gets every New Girl on the stage in their first year, the performing arts truly bring the community together.


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The theater at Foxcroft is like my family. Everyone is uplifting and helpful when I am learning new things.

— Aradeal H., Class of 2026


At Foxcroft, theater and drama do much more than get you onto the stage.

From major productions to one-act plays, these performances enhance your individual theatrical and musical talents, challenge you to refine public speaking skills, and engage all types of students, with opportunities ranging from lead actor to technical crew members.


Foxcroft has a rich musical heritage that dates back to the early days of the school.

The Fine Arts Department offers students a full range of musical opportunities, including lessons, performances, and adjudicated events as well as a high level of personal attention. Each semester, there are several performance opportunities for singers and Instrumentalists, all of which provide a thorough musical foundation and the chance to share the joy of music with friends and with the larger community.

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Foxcroft Chapter of the Blue Ridge Cappies

Dance at Foxcroft

Dance is just one of the many physical education options for students to remain physically active during each sports season.  Students learn the fundamentals of modern and traditional dance techniques, while working to analyze and create their own choreography.  They even prepare and perform for various school functions throughout the year.